Meet the Ambassadors



Emily is an awesome 15 year old who has participated in literally dozens of OPEN events. In fact, in the last four years, she has only missed a handful. Emily always brings a smile to any event and her great attitude is contagious! At our recent logo drawing event, Emily stated that she had already thought about what she wanted to draw and came up with the most beautiful idea which has been used in our final OPEN logo! Thank you Emily for all you bring to OPEN.



Kailyn has prioritized OPEN in her life all on her own! She is always asking when the next event is. When she has to miss an event (which rarely happens), she is extremely disappointed and does her best to manage her schedule around Open’s schedule.  Kailyn is also the Social Media Marketer and Event Journalist for Open.  Kailyn provides the best attitude before, during and after each event. She is grateful, kind and compassionate and exemplifies the qualities OPEN tries to encourage!Thank you Kailyn!