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Spread Kindness

August 11, 2022 - September 9, 2024

 Spread Kindness

This summer, we have an exciting OPEN opportunity. An anonymous donor who loved one of our past Open events would like to help us finance a new one. The details for this very special opportunity are below.

For our Open Youth-

What would you do to help our community (environment, people, children, animals, ect)  if you had $100-$500 dollars? No proposal is too random! No idea is too small!

Once you have an idea, send us an email (openfamilies@gmail.com) with your proposal.  It can be as simple or detailed as you think best!

What needs to be included in the proposal?

At minimum the proposal needs to include who will benefit from the idea, how much money is needed and how the idea will be implemented.

When are the proposals due?

No due date!  You have an idea, send it on via email to openfamilies@gmail.com.  We will review the proposals and will provide between $100-$500 to each one. We will email you stating the proposal was accepted and the amount of money that will be given. The sooner you submit your proposal, the sooner we will respond.  We will mail you a check and you will have two weeks to implement your plan!!!! Fun, right?

What are examples of past proposals?

Last time Open did this event we had 17 participants and EVERY proposal was funded! Here are some of the ideas proposed:

  1. I would like to make boxes/care packages to store in cars. In these boxes would be a blanket, a cereal box, and socks. Who would this benefit and why would you keep a box or two in your car? Whenever you see a homeless person, just give them the box and make them smile:)
  2. I am helping the Syrian Refugees because they have a leader who is fighting his own people. My mom and I are going to create a mini website from WIX.com and our goal is to help them with shelter, food, and first aid kits.  We are trying to do this all for free. But we would use the money for any small supplies we need, and then donate the rest of the money to CARE.ORG who supports Syrian Refugee Families.
  3. We visited Elizabeth House over the summer in Oakland which is a place for homeless families in transition.  We would like to buy the children at Elizabeth house gift cards to go out for an ice cream treat. We would like to request $75 for ice cream.
  4. I would like to help our environment and giving someone a job by paying someone to pick up trash ($20).  I would like to buy fruit and deliver it to homeless people (not people in the shelter because they already have fruit) ($30).  I would like to find an orphanage and donate $20 to help kids with no parents. I also want to support parents who are trying to get their kids back by fighting their addictions. I want to donate $30 to the program Support for Recovery.
  5. I would use the money to buy food to donate it to the Monument Crisis Center.  I would buy waffle or pancake mix, bread, stuff for tacos, soup, peas, corn and even desserts like cake mix, cookie mix and brownie mix.  It would make me feel good to buy food for people who don’t have any.
  6. There are two things I would do.  First, I would donate $99 to No Kin Hungry to help support school breakfast programs, summer meal sites and helping families shop for food.  So that is 990 meals. Then I would take $1 and make a really great sign to advertise No Kid Hungry and this could be my first Instagram post.

Questions? Call Jo at 925 788-6445 or email us at openfamilies@gmail.com


August 11
September 9, 2024